Cold Heading

CIT has supplied billions of precision and micro formed Cold Headed components, primarily to the Electronics, Electro Mechanical, and Lighting industries.

Forming Capabilities

#Wire diameters ranging from 0.076mm – 1.52mm

Component lengths range from 0.25mm – 75mm

Head diameters range up to 2.5 times wire diameter


CIT can form/head the following range of materials: Copper, Brass, Dumet, Nickel, Kovar, Zirconium Copper, Copper Clad Steel (CCS/FeCu), Nickel Plated Iron (NpFe), #52 Alloy, Stainless Steel, Special Alloys and Precious Metals.

While CIT produces many different types and sizes of micro formed parts, Nail Head Lead Wires and Melf Studs used for axial and surface mount applications in the Semiconductor industry are among the highest volume Cold Headed components we produce.

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