Electronic Industry segments:

Point Contact Microwave & RF Diode Components

Actuator & Formed Pusher Beads for relays and contactors 

Diodes: CIT Ireland Limited is the worlds leading high volume, automated producer of Glass to Metal Seal and Glass to Glass Seal components used in the manufacture of silicon & germanium point contact, microwave and RF diodes.

Our components are used in DO 34, DO 35, DO 7, DO -14 & DO-29 assembly packages. We produce the following hermetic glass to metal seals assemblies:  

* First Seals * Beaded Leads with “C-Bend” Contact
* Headed First Seals * Beaded Leads with “S-Bend” Contact
* Lug Seals * Beaded Lead “Whisker” Probe Contact
* Beaded Leads * Bead Lead with “Arrowhead” Contact
* Tapered Beaded Leads          



We work across a wide range of wire diameters from 0.076mm – 1.52mm.

Ribbon dimensions range from 0.050mm X 0.25mm – 0.13mm X 1.0mm 

Glass tubing, cases & beads can be drawn and cut to specification, covering a wide range of OD, ID, wall thickness and length. 



Actuators/Pusher Beads: These components are used in the assembly of high reliability relays and contactors

CIT Ireland Limited produces these Glass to Metal Seal components by:

-     Straightening, cutting and forming various wire types including Nickel and Kovar

    (Sizes from 0.076mm – 1.52mm wire diameter)

      -   Cutting, Processing and sealing hard glass beads to wire forms per specification.