Welded Leads

CIT Ireland Limited is a high volume manufacturer of many different types of two and three part welded leads, primarily for the Electronics and Lighting Industries.

Our Welded Leads exceed industry standards for straightness and strength, incorporating weld nuggets that are smooth, uniform and consistent in shape and size.

Because of CIT’s wide array of welding skills and methods, we can match “process” and materials to provide the highest quality parts.

Two piece Lead Wires for the Glass Diode industry. Typically we use oxidized and borated dumet 42% & 47% NiFe along with CCS/CPS wire – 20%, 30%, 40%, 60% and 70% conductivity.

In 2001 CIT Ireland set up a satellite production facility in Manila, Philippines to supply Welded Leads and mini melf studs to the Asian Glass Diode markets.

These wires are used in the assembly of DO 34, DO 35, DO-7 & DO 41 Diode, Capacitor and Rectifier packages.

Two and three part Lead Wires for Lamps, CRT’s, Plasma & LCD screens.

Typical materials used include: Dumet, Copper Clad Steel (FeCu/CCS), Nickel plated steel (NpFe), Kovar, Nickel, Copper, Inconel, #52 Alloy, Molybdenum and Tungsten as well as ribbon stock, solder coated materials and precious metals.

CIT can produce Lead Wires from virtually any combination of these materials.

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